Let us carry
your cuddles.

Fluffy Soul™ Diaper Caddy
Our caddy is carefully designed to accommodate all kinds of baby products:
clothes, diapers, toys, bibs, wipes, burp cloths, breast pumps...it's parents' best friend.

It's the only one featuring a super convenient and removable shoulder strap,
​making busy moms' lives easier!
Multi-Purpose Nursery Kit
To be carried in your car or placed bedside as a secure help for late nights. Decorated throughout with trendy polka dots, perfect for both boys and girls!

Fill it up with all kinds of baby products and make it a wonderful gift for your best friend's newborn.

The perfect item for every baby registry!
Trendy Baby Organizer
Crafted with high-quality
double-layer felt, it always keeps in shape, and it is sturdy and durable.

An additional bottom layer ensures the right support, while strong handles and shoulder strap make it a reliable ally even in the thoughest parents' challenges.
Our Quality
  1. Strong Handles
    Strong Handles
    Double-layer, strong handles ensure a firm grip over your caddy.
  2. Optimal Internal Division
    Optimal Internal Division
    Two convenient, adjustable separators allow for flexible internal separation.
  3. Additional Bottom Layer
    Additional Bottom Layer
    Removable decorated layer for a super solid bottom.
  4. Double-Layer Felt
    Double-Layer Felt
    Double win. Two eco-friendly, strong layers of felt provide strength, sturdiness and super cool colored details!
  5. Removable Shoulder Strap
    Removable Shoulder Strap
    The one and only diaper caddy with a removable shoulder strap. When mom or dad has no more hands!
  6. Decorated Inside
    Decorated Inside
    Trendy and warm polka dots make your caddy an uplifting touch of color wherever you go.
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Who We Are

From family to family.
Our small family-owned business finds its roots in the meaning of this word.

It's love, it's happiness, it's home.
But family is also about the feelings you care the most, those which surround you and your children.​

Those feelings are what we want you to keep with you.
​Let us carry your cuddles.